Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday i went to the beach near my grandparent's house...fun stuff! I love the beach! Today I shall be leaving to go to "The Country House" with my brothers. Can't Wait! Having lots of fun here!
Music stuff: Missed a lesson and jazz band rehearsal this week, but I'll be back to go to next weeks.
Pictures: When I get home I'll upload pics and show them to you...my fans...that I love oh so much because it's just proof to my mom that yes, people do indeed like me.
But seriously, my only followers are my mom and grandma. Thank you! <3
Anyway, enjoy Summer (what's left of it anyway), and I'll keep updating.
Stay Thirsty My Friends. ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fame and Fortune

Today me and my cousins and brothers made a "movie" on my grandparent's front yard...we like to call it "What would have happened if Dorothy took the red brick road instead of the yellow brick road." that, or "Dorothy's End". It was SO fun!!
I can't wait until Monday...BEACH BABY! yeahhh, i think I'm turning into my dad. for the past two months all I've heard from him is "VEGAS BABY!". yes it does indeed get annoying after 3 times. last i heard from my mom, they were in the M&M store. pretty cool. well, that's about all I have to say. OH! and i started summer band lessons and jazz band. EXTREMELY easy audition piece for jazz band next year. NOW I'm done. alrighty, so I'll keep updating with BEACH pictures, and more summer fun. and from the wise words of my Grandpa, "stay thirsty".