Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well...being that only one person answered my question of the week...BBJ wins with all answers correct! Congrats! I would've taken two different answers. But first, here's the question again. WHAT SONG DID FERRIS BUELLER SING ON HIS DAY OFF AT THE PARADE? SONG AND ARTIST, BONUS POINTS FOR THE YEAR THE MOVIE WAS MADE. so...the first correct answer is "Danke Schoen" by Wayne Newton. The second correct answer would've been "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles. The year the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was made was 1989. So congratulations to BBJ, your prize is on it's way :)
NYSSMA is this Friday. I have my time, 5:25pm. It's a pretty long drive for a 10 minute evaluation. But I think it's worth it. Once again, the score is out of 28 points. We're judged on our tempo, dynamics, rhythms, articulation, posture, technique...that kind of stuff. So I'll let you know how that goes probably on Saturday.
By the way, sorry I didn't update this past Saturday. I was in long island having a great weekend with ma familia :) we had a very Happy Easter!
AND! I should probably tell you that today in my jazz band rehearsal, I tried out for every solo possible, I bombed one of them, but I suppose the rest were good. Umm yeah I'll let you know on that too as soon as I know what's going on.
My spring concerts this year are on 2 different days, one for jazz, one for 7/8 band. The jazz band concert is May 18, and the 7/8 concert is May 19. It may seem like awhile, but in rehearsal time, it'll go by so quick.
That's all I have to say...well th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
Stay Musical :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Question of the Week...

There's not much to say so I'm just going to skip to the question of the week. The question is WHAT SONG DID FERRIS BUELLER SING ON HIS DAY OFF DURING THE PARADE? I'd like the song and the artists who sing it. Bonus points if you can tell me the year the movie was made! Try not to cheat! The first person to comment on this post with the most correct answers will get a prize. Good luck!
Stay Musical :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

All County

I have not updated in a while. I'm sorry. BUSY BUSY BUSY! All County concert was Friday...It was so much fun. I sat next to one of my friends, which was fun because we know each other and it was not awkwardly silent the whole 6 hours. It was so fun. My question of the week is actually based on one of the songs we played. The John Williams: Movie Adventures song. That was my favorite one that we played.
So because All County is officially over... :( .... NYSSMA has my full attention now. I NEED to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I don't really have much to say, there's nothing new going on. I'll take off the All County links from the BAND SONGS tab. :(
OH! one more full week of school and then Spring Break! But before spring break, the last day of school, Friday, is an NCBI meeting which is ALL DAY out of school. Basically we teach other kids in my school the point of NCBI which is to be an ally and help others in any way possible. I did it last year it was really fun. After school that day is the talent show. So in other words, Friday will be a great day.
That's about it. So I'll go.
Stay Musical :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today's my birthday! Had a lot of fun today...we had a half day in school so I came home at 11, and instead of classes we watched a movie. We watched "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" which isn't the happiest movie in the world. It's a holocaust movie. Anyway, today was fun. My favorite food for dinner tonight, ZITI. YUM! Oh and tonight I'm going to see Beauty and the Beast the musical at my school.

My high school's acting troupe is SO good. They put on REALLY good shows.

I don't have anything to say...so I guess I'll just update whenever!
Stay Musical :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today...is a sad day.

Now, you're probably thinking "why is today a sad day?" WELL I'll tell you. First off, today is the first day of spring. I'm terribly disappointed and mourning. But I bet some of you are doing happy dances chanting "NO MORE SNOW!" But hey. Winter is my favorite and now it's over. Second thing is now ski season is over. I went on my last ski trip last Sunday March 13th. We went to Mount Snow...it...was...AWESOME! I had so much fun. But whoa hey I forgot. I'm explaining sad things. Sad things aren't fun. So number three on the list of reasons as to why this day is a sad day is because spring means the last season before summer. Sure I get it, summer is exciting because it's a whole three month vacation. Here's what I don't get. It's a three month vacation anticipated by kids around the world. And once it comes, the first week and a half are SO nice to be off from school. After that, complete boredom. I am the only rational kid I know that thinks ahead to the boring days of summer. I HATE SUMMER. So anyways, in four days my birthday is coming up. I'm turning 14, yup that's right. Now only 3 years until I can drive? YES! My mom keeps reminding me that she's not old enough to have a kid as old as me. Going to high school next year, possibly getting a first job sometime soon. Personally, I'm excited. 14 is my lucky number. Which ultimately means that it'll be my lucky year. In my head anyway. So according to my countdown, 41 days until my NYSSMA solo. That means 40 more days to practice, and 5 more lessons in school with my teacher before then. I really don't think I'm ready. And also 19 more days until all county concert. OH! And I'm now in the talent show. But what is my act you ask? well I'm performing EVOLUTION OF DANCE. Ya know that guy on YouTube Judson Laipplay? I'll post the video under BAND SONGS just so you can watch what I'm doing. Well I think I wrote a good size essay for today's post, so I'm gonna go. Thanks for reading!
Stay Musical :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Confusion Much?

Alright I need to clear things up. The music I have for all the bands I'm in seems to constantly be changing but here we go...the finalized version...

7/8 Band:
Mozart has been removed, and another classical piece will take it's place. We're still deciding.
The Great Steamboat race by Robert W. Smith
The Crown of Castile by Johnnie Vinson

Jazz Band:
Harlem Nocturne Arranged by Peter Blaire
Gimme Some Lovin' by Spencer davis, Muff Winwood, and Steve Winwood
Sunday Morning Arranged by Roy Phillippe

All County:
John Williams:Movie Adventures by John Williams
Chant and Tribal Dance by David Shaffer
Zing! Boom! by Brad Carroll
Under the Rice Moon by Victor Lopez

Bourree by J.S. Bach

I'll try to put ALL of them in the BAND SONGS tab on top, but I can't promise they'll all be there.
I will let you know what the song that's replacing Mozart is...
So NYSSMA is 6 weeks away, All County is 3 weeks away, and I don't even know when my regular concert is. Anyway, that was it. I just wanted to clear that up.
Stay Musical :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey there :)

Hi! Winter break came and went...hm. I wish it was longer. I had fun! I went to the Country House, and we (my cousin KT, grandpa, uncle, and little brother Tyler) went skiing at Belleayre mountain. We went sledding on the big hill in the back yard too. That was fun. But to start off my vacation before all the skiing, I went on an overnight retreat with my church. THAT was fun. There was 20 kids there total, and 6 high schoolers that basically ran the whole thing. It was WAY more fun than I thought it was going to be. Yes it was a church retreat, but it wasn't all church based things. I'm glad I went.
But...break is over and I'm back to school...until spring break that is ;)
So I found out that in all county we are not doing the song Fire Dance because we played that last year for all county. So a new song was ordered and I'll let you know what that song is when I get it!
Jazz band rehearsal today. I feel like we haven't had a rehearsal in awhile. But we sound pretty good. We still need work for the concert, but it's good.
Now, my NYSSMA solo. I will openly admit I haven't been practing enough. Not NEARLY enough. It needs SO much work. But I definately can't wait until the last minute. I NEED TO PRACTICE!
SKI CLUB! We had it the Friday before break, and it was alot of fun. Kinda short on snow, but nevertheless fun. This Friday is th last Ski Club at Jiminy Peak. :( BUT! We get to go on a big trip on a Saturday to Mount Snow! WOOHOO!!! SOO MUCH FUN! And guess what. They have this thing called the waffle cabin. It's at the bottom of the slope so you can just ski right up to it and they serve the world's best Belgium waffles...dipped in chocolate. And to top it all off, they have hot chocolate too. SO good.
Well, that's it. I'm gonna go so I can watch GLEE....yes I watch Glee. It's not that bad. Don't hate until you tried it. ;)
Stay Musical :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I MADE ALL COUNTY! YES!! Concert is April 8th :) alrighty songs are...
Zing! Boom! By Brad Carroll
Under the Rice Moon By Victor Lopez
Fire Dance By David Shaffer
John Williams:Movie Adventures (Star Wars Theme, Duel of the Fates, Theme from "Jurassic Park", Theme from E.T.-The Extra Terrestrail)
I added these songs under the BAND SONGS tab...the only one I couldn't find was Zing! Boom!. And again I had a problem with "Under the Rice Moon". You need to copy and paste that one into your search bar and it'll take you there.
I can't wait for rehearsals!! There's only 4 rehearsals though, I REALLY hope that's enough. But with the hard after school scheduling it'll have to do. Ummm...that's all the good news I have. I thought I should share. :) Ok bye!
Stay Musical :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ski Club

SKI CLUB! yup that's right we went tis week.it was REALLY nice...not too much ice, and just the right amount of powder :) it was fun. one more week of skiing, then winter break! WOOHOO! so...Valentine's day. This Monday. If you want my opinion, it's a stupid holiday only made for chocolate manufacturers. Other than that it's a good day to propose...that's about it. I mean, how believable is it that there's a baby named Cupid that flies around in his diaper and shoots people in the rump with a heart shaped arrow?
Today I volunteered to help at a Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser thinking it was only going to be jump roping with little kids...I couldn't have been more wrong. It was AMAZINGLY fun. I got to hang out with kindergartenersfor 3 hours! How often does that happen? Well, everyday for me...but hey it was fun anyway. I'm glad I did it. :)
ok I'm done...bye!
Stay Musical :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Days

So...Ski Cub was cancelled yet again for this week. UGH! Only because we had a snow day...but maybe that's partially a good thing. It was supposed to be -11 degrees. Cold.
This week, of course, Monday was MLK Jr. Day, so no school. We got a snow storm Tuesday... snow day. It was flurrying Wednesday morning, so we had a 2 hour delay. 8 o'clock we get a call...SNOW DAY. Thursday it was fine so we had school, and Thursday night into Friday we got yet ANOTHER snow storm...snow day. So we basically had a snow day vacation this week. I didn't realize snow days can get boring when there're so many in a row. hahaha so because of all these snow days my school only has ONE left. We better be careful...
lalalaaa... <-- that was me singing. Ok so anyway, my question of the week. If you chose other, PLEASE tell me in a comment on post what other is! I'm curious. :)
I feel so hyper right now and I don't know why. Tomorrow I have to read my book for English. Gross. I have to PRACTICE!
OH! That reminds me...my lesson/band/everything else musical teacher has 2 other teachers that she works with. They ALL teach lessons. And in order to "get taught in various ways", they rotate the teacher we have for lessons. WELL, my teacher (Mrs. Edwards) says she won't give up my lesson group. :) Hm. I was extremely happy. I didn't want to trade teachers. Haha. Soooo I think I'm done. I'll see ya soon!
Stay Musical :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Band Songs

Up above there's a tab entitled "Band Songs". If you click that, there's the list of all my band and jazz band songs, and links. All lead to either their JWPepper.com listening section, or a youtube video. The only one I had trouble with was CROWN OF CASTILE. For that link, you need to copy and paste the link into your search bar because the last half of it won't allow you to click and it'll bring you to a blank page. But that's the only problem. I Just wanted to let you know. Enjoy!
Stay Musical :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Ski Club Trip

Last Night was my first ski club trip to Jiminy Peak...it...was...AWESOME! Very cold, but so fun. It got down to 4 degrees! CRAZINESS! We went on all the black diamond trails...successfully. The only problem was the ice. The trails were majorly lacking in powder. But I can deal. :) Anyway just wanted to let y'all know.
Happy Ski Season!
Stay Musical :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas and New Years was good. Mine certainly was! I got a very nice video camera, some DVDs, Wii Games, books, VERY soft pj pants :), and ski Jacket, Pants, Helmet, Gloves, Everything. AND a Perry the Platypus keychain to put on my jacket. It was very exciting. So now Agent P can ski with me!
So in school, band is now in spring concert rehearsal mode. My teacher is one BUSY woman...now she's doing 6,7, and 8th grade all county and NYSSMA, she's doing Jazz Band, geneal band, lessons, and pit band for the play in June. It's funny because I seem to always be in her office with my lesson group of kids and she tells us everything she's doing. So here's my music...
Band: The Crown of Castile by Johnnie Vinson
The Great Steamboat Race by Robert W. Smith (my personal favorite)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Jazz Band:Sunday Morning by Neal Hefti (this song has the solo I'm going for later on!!)
Gimme Some Lovin by Spencer Davis, Muff Winwood, and Steve Winwood
Harlem Nocturne by Earle Hagen
One More Secret Song to be Handed out sometime in the future...

They are ALL really good. You can look most of them up at
and just search them in the LEFT search bar.
Soooooo...SKIING! Ok so ski club officially started and the first session was last Friday at Jiminy...perfect new snow, nice cold weather, we drove to the buses, and were told the dreadful words "We're sorry, but ski club is cancelled." UGHH!! But it will be made up at the end. And I have it every friday now. SO it'll be fun. ALOT of fun. :)
That's about it, so...thanks for reading!
Stay Musical :)