Sunday, January 16, 2011

Band Songs

Up above there's a tab entitled "Band Songs". If you click that, there's the list of all my band and jazz band songs, and links. All lead to either their listening section, or a youtube video. The only one I had trouble with was CROWN OF CASTILE. For that link, you need to copy and paste the link into your search bar because the last half of it won't allow you to click and it'll bring you to a blank page. But that's the only problem. I Just wanted to let you know. Enjoy!
Stay Musical :)


  1. visited the sites...they are great - Love that Duke Ellington!! Grandpa Rocky was a jazz fan in my early childhood & he used to listen to Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald (all the time) LOL

  2. Haha! That's awesome! Well now I know what to get him talking about next time we see him. :)

  3. I voted for skiing, but an "other" could be snowmobiling! Stay warm!