Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Days

So...Ski Cub was cancelled yet again for this week. UGH! Only because we had a snow day...but maybe that's partially a good thing. It was supposed to be -11 degrees. Cold.
This week, of course, Monday was MLK Jr. Day, so no school. We got a snow storm Tuesday... snow day. It was flurrying Wednesday morning, so we had a 2 hour delay. 8 o'clock we get a call...SNOW DAY. Thursday it was fine so we had school, and Thursday night into Friday we got yet ANOTHER snow storm...snow day. So we basically had a snow day vacation this week. I didn't realize snow days can get boring when there're so many in a row. hahaha so because of all these snow days my school only has ONE left. We better be careful...
lalalaaa... <-- that was me singing. Ok so anyway, my question of the week. If you chose other, PLEASE tell me in a comment on post what other is! I'm curious. :)
I feel so hyper right now and I don't know why. Tomorrow I have to read my book for English. Gross. I have to PRACTICE!
OH! That reminds lesson/band/everything else musical teacher has 2 other teachers that she works with. They ALL teach lessons. And in order to "get taught in various ways", they rotate the teacher we have for lessons. WELL, my teacher (Mrs. Edwards) says she won't give up my lesson group. :) Hm. I was extremely happy. I didn't want to trade teachers. Haha. Soooo I think I'm done. I'll see ya soon!
Stay Musical :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Band Songs

Up above there's a tab entitled "Band Songs". If you click that, there's the list of all my band and jazz band songs, and links. All lead to either their listening section, or a youtube video. The only one I had trouble with was CROWN OF CASTILE. For that link, you need to copy and paste the link into your search bar because the last half of it won't allow you to click and it'll bring you to a blank page. But that's the only problem. I Just wanted to let you know. Enjoy!
Stay Musical :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Ski Club Trip

Last Night was my first ski club trip to Jiminy! Very cold, but so fun. It got down to 4 degrees! CRAZINESS! We went on all the black diamond trails...successfully. The only problem was the ice. The trails were majorly lacking in powder. But I can deal. :) Anyway just wanted to let y'all know.
Happy Ski Season!
Stay Musical :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas and New Years was good. Mine certainly was! I got a very nice video camera, some DVDs, Wii Games, books, VERY soft pj pants :), and ski Jacket, Pants, Helmet, Gloves, Everything. AND a Perry the Platypus keychain to put on my jacket. It was very exciting. So now Agent P can ski with me!
So in school, band is now in spring concert rehearsal mode. My teacher is one BUSY she's doing 6,7, and 8th grade all county and NYSSMA, she's doing Jazz Band, geneal band, lessons, and pit band for the play in June. It's funny because I seem to always be in her office with my lesson group of kids and she tells us everything she's doing. So here's my music...
Band: The Crown of Castile by Johnnie Vinson
The Great Steamboat Race by Robert W. Smith (my personal favorite)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Jazz Band:Sunday Morning by Neal Hefti (this song has the solo I'm going for later on!!)
Gimme Some Lovin by Spencer Davis, Muff Winwood, and Steve Winwood
Harlem Nocturne by Earle Hagen
One More Secret Song to be Handed out sometime in the future...

They are ALL really good. You can look most of them up at
and just search them in the LEFT search bar.
Soooooo...SKIING! Ok so ski club officially started and the first session was last Friday at Jiminy...perfect new snow, nice cold weather, we drove to the buses, and were told the dreadful words "We're sorry, but ski club is cancelled." UGHH!! But it will be made up at the end. And I have it every friday now. SO it'll be fun. ALOT of fun. :)
That's about it, so...thanks for reading!
Stay Musical :)