Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ski Club

SKI CLUB! yup that's right we went tis was REALLY nice...not too much ice, and just the right amount of powder :) it was fun. one more week of skiing, then winter break! WOOHOO! so...Valentine's day. This Monday. If you want my opinion, it's a stupid holiday only made for chocolate manufacturers. Other than that it's a good day to propose...that's about it. I mean, how believable is it that there's a baby named Cupid that flies around in his diaper and shoots people in the rump with a heart shaped arrow?
Today I volunteered to help at a Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser thinking it was only going to be jump roping with little kids...I couldn't have been more wrong. It was AMAZINGLY fun. I got to hang out with kindergartenersfor 3 hours! How often does that happen? Well, everyday for me...but hey it was fun anyway. I'm glad I did it. :)
ok I'm done...bye!
Stay Musical :)