Saturday, October 30, 2010


So, halloween is tomorrow, but tonight I have a halloween party at the church. I'm going as the Wicked witch of the west. But I think tomorrow for trick-or-treating I'm gonna go as a zombie or a skeleton faced dude or something else that seems interesting.
As you can see, i'm trying something new on my question of the week. It's a trivia question this week. DO NOT LOOK IT UP! I want pure knowledge or guessing. Thank you :)
So thats it. I'll post tomorrow or Monday on how much candy I get! :)
Get lots of candy and have a spooky, scary, and creepy Halloween...mwoohahahahahahahaha! (deep-voiced evil laugh) :)


  1. Enjoy your party & have a fun Halloween!

  2. good times, good times. Trick or treating was awesome dude!